Text writing

There are many different occasions and situations that make it necessary to write texts. For example, essays are written in the school, shopping lists, notes, letters or congratulations are written in everyday life. In connection with the profession, applications or business letters are written and every now and then applications and other forms must be completed.

Skills and talents

There are also those who write texts as a hobby or by profession. Writing is a craft that almost everyone learns by now and that he can deepen and refine in the course of his life. In addition, creative writing is not magic, for which only a select few have the necessary skills and talents.

Instructions and tips for writing texts

Rather, writing follows clear rules and anyone can learn how to write successful, informative, informative and formally correct texts with the help of appropriate instructions and suitable tips.

Of course, not all texts are written the same and different requirements are placed on the different texts. For example, a business letter must be formulated differently than a letter of love, and an application will be written differently than a newspaper article or a text that is to be published on the Internet.

But there is a kind of general basic guide that takes into account the main points in writing texts and can be adapted accordingly:

The first step, if someone wants to write texts, is to pick a suitable topic. Based on this topic ideas can then be collected and information collected. In the next step, the basic structure for the text is created.

For this purpose, the author first considers what intention he is pursuing with his text, that is, what key message he wants to convey, on which point his text should run out, or which peak of tension is planned. Then the collected ideas and information are selected, evaluated and sorted. Most texts are divided into an introduction, a main part and a conclusion.

Accordingly, the ideas and information are also associated with the section into which they belong.

The introduction

The introduction of a text engages the reader on the text and provides him with the most important information. At the same time, the introduction should also encourage the reader to read the entire text however or try to ask about how to fast essay writing . In addition to important information that arouses the reader’s interest, the introduction may therefore include, for example, an appealing quote or a provocative statement.

The main part

In the main part, the selected topic is treated in detail and the final part rounds off the content and ends the text. For example, if the text is a non-fiction essay, the theme will be explained in the introduction, the main part will contain the main arguments, and the conclusion may summarize the main message or even include a personal conclusion.

Once the outline is complete, the author can write the first drafts of his texts. It makes sense to leave some space at the edges, so that you can make a note of the notes during the revision. During the revision of the texts both a substantive and a linguistic review takes place.

The content review is about determining whether the text is meaningful and logical and whether it reflects the message, statement or thesis that the author wanted to convey. The linguistic review analyzes the style.

Here, the author should pay attention to whether he has used an appealing, understandable and lively language. These include, for example, expressive words, for example, instead of saying or speaking, screaming, whispering, begging or commanding.

In addition, a lively and expressive text is characterized by a certain variety of words!

If the author finds that he has used the same word several times, he should try to substitute that word for synonyms.

It is also important to work with as vivid images and examples as possible, so that the readers can understand the contents and form their own opinion.